H7 Xenon Kit NO Error - CAN-bus

HID kit H7 bulb type - Metal Base
Available colours: 
4300K, 6000K and 8000K
Ballasts: CAN-bus pro
NO bulb failure message
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High Quality HID Conversion Kit

Xenon Light technology is currently the most advanced development in the field of motor vehicle headlamp systems. Xenon has two decisive advantages over the light of conventional light-bulbs: a xenon light source delivers three times the light output of a H4 bulb while consuming only 2/3 of the energy. The improved light output makes the road brighter and illuminates a wider area; the daylight-like quality of the xenon light is welcomed by the human eye.



HID Xenon Light vs Traditional Halogen Light

  • According to the professional statistic: Use of HID Light is much more economic than the traditional halogen light.
  • The lifespan of HID Light is 10 time longer than that of the traditional halogen light.
  • HID Light only consumes 35W of electricity which is 2/3 of that the traditional halogen light consumes.
  • The illumination of the HID Light is 3 times brighter than halogen light



Most customers have a common misconception that the higher the K (Kelvin temperature) the brighter it gets, but in fact, it is the opposite. The K rating is inversely proportional to the light output, therefore the lower the K the brighter the light output.


  • 4300K - approximately 3200lm output
  • 6000K - approximately 2800lm output
  • 8000K - approximately 2550lm output


Incandescent lamps produce from 15 up to 22 lumens per watt, so halogen light bulb will produce approximately 950 lumens from 50W bulb.


The HID Conversion Kit includes:

  • 2x Ballasts
  • 2x HID Bulbs
  • Fixing screws
  • Additional Wires
  • Instruction in English for wiring and installation



This product has passed ISO 9001:2000 & E-MARK Holland E4 attestation.

Also it owns varied protective measures such as shock resistance, anti creep electromagnetic interference resistance, open circuit and short circuit, plus elegant and fine appearance, it is your best choice.


Plug & play, easy to convert, no cutting wiring required, needs only 20-40 minutes to install.

12 Months Warranty

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